Q-Roc: The Visionary Behind the Business

The first thing you need to know about me is, I’m the kind of person who takes the unconventional approach to everything in life. So if you’re expecting the traditional introductory blog post of a marketing professional, packed with elaborate buzz words and business lingo, you won’t find any of that here. Instead, you’ll find Q-Roc. Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Q. Or Q-Roc. Or when I’m feeling professional, Q. Ragsdale. Motivational Sharer, Unapologetic Optimist, and Media Visionary behind Orange Moon Media. I was brought up in the most incredible model of love (shout out to my Mom and Dad!) and 

I’ve found, unfortunately, that the amazing displays of love I experienced are the exception, not the rule. So, I’ve made it my personal mission to be a motivator and uplifter of people.

I attribute my love for media and communication to my love for people. I’m about spreading and showcasing love. Embracing people, connecting with them, no matter who they are has been part of my story since the very beginning of my life. And not fitting neatly into any box fuels my love of finding new ways to engage with people.

I live outside the box, in all areas of my life. Which brings me to the work. Why I do what I do.

I believe in self-care as a business strategy. I believe in being present. And most importantly I believe in the power of positive energy. I am, truly, an optimist and an advocate for happiness and I’m committed to converting you to a believer as well.

So before I go, I want to share 3 Q-Tips to live by:

  1. Focus on the positive more than anything else. Once you realize how powerful your mind is, you’ll understand why I choose optimism. Keep positive thoughts at the forefront of your mind and watch how your life will change. Far too many people waste their energy focused on the things they don’t want to happen or have. Remember your mind is powerful. Remain focused on what you want to manifest and attract those things into your life.
  2. Be present. What if I told you that the key to do more of the things you love in your life and work isn’t multitasking but being present. Instead of fixating your mind on the things you need to do later, tomorrow, or next week, shift your focus to the current moment. Staying in the here and now has incredible powers. When you’re present you’re more productive, more attentive, and able to accomplish more.
  3. Self-care is an essential strategy for life. In order to thrive, we must take care of ourselves. This is not an option. When you make self-care a priority, you become stronger, more creative, and a better leader to the people depending on you. When you don’t, life will force you to learn, and trust me—I know from personal experience—it’s not a road you want to take.

Stay positive, stay present, and take care of yourself friends. Peace.


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