A while back you had an idea and you took the giant leap of faith to turn that vision into an actual business.

You’ve put in the work, paid your dues, and now at any given moment you wear multiple hats as the sales manager welcoming a new customer, the bookkeeper paying bills, delivery driver, or event planner hosting a pop up event.

People say, "Wow, you're running your own business...living the dream!" Yes, you are the CEO and you are tired. And late at night when everyone is sleep and you're up working, sometimes you feel alone on this journey. 

You can’t remember the last time you hung out with your best friend, listened to your kid share their dreams, or spent a few hours alone enjoying your favorite pastime.

You’re ready to scale your business

AND have time to live your life…

This is why I created Strategy School, so you can learn to scale your business AND reclaim your work life balance.

As a result of this program, you’ll walk away with clarity having created four strategies to grow your business, the confidence to execute then, and the courage to invest time in the things in your non-work life that matter most.

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Are you this entrepreneur?


✔︎ You could use another set of hands to help.

✔︎ You stay stressed and always needs more hours in the day.

✔︎ There are many processes that you’d love to streamline.

✔︎ You aren’t able to spend as much time with family and friends as you’d like.

✔︎ You haven’t been consistently investing in your personal wellbeing and self care.

✔︎ You want to feel confident running more aspects of your business.

✔︎ Deep down you want to afford to treat yourself to some well earned time off.

✔︎ You want to grow your business while maintaining a work life balance.

Photo by Ho-Yon Hwang


I'm Q a social innovator, strategist, business & positive mindset coach. I support entrepreneurs working to grow their businesses and their well-being.

I'm also a tai chi practitioner, budding ice cream connoisseur, Trekkie, and as you can see a Salsa dancer!  

After working for myself for many years where I was a workaholic, neglecting my relationships, and suffering from chronic migraines. 

I realized that it was time for a new strategy.

I began prioritizing my self-care which included being more present with my loved ones, physical activity I enjoyed, hobbies, adventures, and delights that give me life. The truth was, that without these, I could not sustain my business or what mattered most, my well-being.


And if I was not well, then I certainly could not help entrepreneurs who need support, which is why I created Twilight Quest.


Strategy School participants walk away with:


  • Clarity on what impacts their revenue AND their capacity
  • Confidence in being the leader of the company and the work culture
  • A full understanding of marketing methodology
  • The ability to set goals and prioritize their time to reach them
  • Knowing how to streamline multiple aspects of their business

Curriculum Overview

Strategy School 2021 Cohort

What Strategy Schoolers are saying:

“Strategy school has helped me in three main ways:

  • Allowing myself to feel that I am still learning and it is ok… is ok.
  • Learning the process and parts of the business’s growth is important and difficult.
  • Taking time to plan, restore and reflect for the business is helpful and productive. There may not be anything more important in the long term of the business.”

Davon Pulliam
Tortuga Kombucha
an artisan beverage company


“Before starting Strategy School, I was all over the place (literally!). I was doing impactful work but with no clear direction, no streamlined process, and unsure how to get out of the web of chaos I found myself in. Q helped me 1st get clarity on the work that truly made me happy and gave me energy. I was able to hone in on what made me different and gave my clients value; and built a plan from that anchor. I was able to step out of the weeds and get an aerial view, better positioning myself to develop direction with intention. The community developed between the participants is just icing on the cake. This program has been the answer to many prayers.“

Candace Chance 
The V.P.I. Firm
a process design & strategic development firm

“Strategy School has been great! From the very start, the program has made it clear that self care is a huge key to success when it comes to business. If you don't take care of yourself you can't take care of anything else. This is important to me as I am a mother of 3 boys and a wife. Running my business as a sole owner and maintaining a household is difficult but with Strategy School and Q, they help you to learn to balance it all. Marketing has never been my strong suit nor has strategy but with the modules and the Q sheets that the school has created, it has become an easy and worthwhile task. It has helped me to make sense of it all and put an actual picture to my vision. The marketing module is awesome for whether you are advanced or a novice at marketing. As a whole, Strategy School has been priceless.”

Aneka Winstead
WATT Business Solutions
a tax and accounting firm


“I attribute the development, knowledge, and present success to Strategy School. This has given me the confidence to continue my business as a new entrepreneur; in addition to understanding my passions and true skills which are grant writing and program evaluation.”

Paris Wilson
Neau Standard Consulting
a grant writing and program evaluation firm